Bobbi Wright

Living a spirited Life

Bobbi WrightAfter a life altering incident at the age of 2 years old I have always been aware of an unseen presence in my life.  The intuitive psychic in me and my keen sense of knowing was invaluable.  I knew how to do things and my knowing of people and events was incredible. 

            As I grew older I wanted to know why these things were happening to me, so I started to attend classes to learn what was going on in my life.  I took my first year Massage training and started to connect to people’s energy psychically and their loved ones started to come through and give messages.

            Each class I took I began to understand more and more what spirit wanted from me.  I began to understand my gifts where to be used for the purpose to serve and heal others and connect to their loved ones that have crossed over and give them the healing messages that they longed to hear one more time.



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Bobbi Wright
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Murray Lake, SK


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