~ Collyne
I would like to say, that with all the years that I have been going for a massage, Bobbi not only gives a heavenly massage with grade A oils, she has helped me with my spiritual journey. I am so grateful she is in my life.

~ Natasa
Working with Bobbi was amazing experience. She is a great teacher, very kind and loving person. She helps people from her heart. I enjoyed being her student and learned so much. It's hard for me to explain what the feeling is. Try to experience the same. Reiki will change the way you think and do things. Gratitude instead of attitude. Love instead of anger.

~ Val
Bobbi's treatments encompass the mind and body. Whether it be Reiki, massage or using her intuitive ability, she will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed and wanting to come back for more! Professional and caring... highly recommended!

~ Michelle
Amazing woman who is very good at what she does. My Swedish massage was amazing and so was my reading. Will be back repeatedly to see Bobbi!

~ Becky
Bobbi has pulled me through some tough times. I trust her and her advice whole heartedly. When my dad passed, through Bobbi, he told me things I really needed to hear. Her Reiki has kept me calm and her massages have kept me comfortable. She has really changed my way of living my life, I know I have angels all around me and everything will be ok!

~ Penny
Every experience I've had has been amazing! I leave feeling so relaxed and at peace. I'm very thankful to Bobbi for helping me bring reiki into my life!

~ Dawn
I had experienced a card reading from Bobbi.  My feeling of going into this was knowing Bobbi was there for me and supportive.  The reading gave me perception and put me into a calm place.  I've felt a true and real understanding of myself and my future.  Bobbi places her heart and soul where and when she needs to.  I feel her calm and direction of guiding me towards realizing the realism of hope and healing.  My questions and life's journey have been answered and understood.  Thank you Bobbi.  You are and inspiration.